1. Uphold the Constitution and the spirit and letter of the laws relating to the holding of public activities and election campaigns.

  2. Maintain the highest moral principles and ethical standards with respect to their conduct during the campaign, the elections and the post-election period.

  3. Cooperate with the police in maintaining law and order during election campaigns.

  4. Promote and enforce respect, tolerance, harmony and peace amongst their supporters and the general public during the campaign, the elections and in the post-election period by being positive role models.

  5. Nominate a representative who will be a member of the Code Keepers which will liaise with the Council for Responsible Political Behaviour as established under this Code of Ethical Political Conduct. That member will serve as an intermediary between the Council and their respective Political Party.

  6. Refrain from practices that promote divisiveness in the Society and commit to the removal of any structures (behavioural, cultural, social or organizational) which reinforce divisiveness.

  7. Take deliberate steps to publicly disassociate themselves from criminal elements and criminal activity.

  8. Confine their criticism of other Political Parties to policies and programmes, past record and work.

  9. Ensure that meeting organizers seek the assistance of police or other state assigned organizations on duty, to deal with persons disturbing or disrupting a meeting. Organizers should not take action against such persons.

  10. Commit, while acknowledging each others past and present errors and prejudices, to supporting one another in a common effort to overcome selfishness and arrogance, hatred and violence; to learn from the past that peace without justice is no true peace; to ensure the peaceful conduct of this and future elections.

  11. Make this code known to supporters and uphold its adherence.

  12. Uphold the integrity of the electoral process.

  13. Ensure that their conduct is above reproach.