1. Not offer any inducement or reward, for example money, groceries or other benefits, to another person to - 

    1. Join or not to join a Party;

    2. Attend or not to attend a public meeting, march, demonstration, rally or other public political event;

    3. Vote or not to vote, or to vote or not to vote in any particular way; or

    4. Refuse a nomination as a Candidate or to withdraw as a Candidate.

  2. Not discriminate on the grounds of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, class, religion or belief, or seek to mobilize support by reference to race, sex, gender, religion or class. 

  3. Not make false or defamatory allegations in print or speech, inclusive of images and effigies in connection with an election in respect of a Party, its Candidates, representatives or members.

  4. Not use language or act in a way that may -

    1. Provoke violence; or

    2. Intimidate Candidates, members of Parties, representatives or supporters of Parties or Candidates, or voters; or

    3. Invite, encourage or foster hatred, resentment or any form of violence.

  5. Not seek to assassinate the character of or make defamatory comments about any individual, family, professional group or section of the community.

  6. Not deface, or induce anyone to unlawfully remove or destroy, or deface the billboards, placards, posters or any other election materials of a Party or Candidate.

  7. Not unreasonably prevent any other person access to voters for the purpose of voter education, collecting signatures, recruiting members, raising funds or canvassing support for a Party or Candidates.

  8. Not abuse a position of powerprivilege or influence, including parental, patriarchal, traditional or employment authority to influence the conduct or outcome of an election.

  9. Not engage, recruit, or deploy any individual(s) for the purpose of violence, intimidation or harassment, including intimidation by congregating in groups wearing similar identifiable colours at or near to election stations on election day.

  10. Not deface public or private property and structures.

  11. Not permit the inappropriate or unauthorized use or abuse of minors or animals in the campaign process.

  12. Not plagiarize or disparage the symbols, colours or acronyms of others Parties.

  13. Not permit the use and abuse of State resources for political campaigns.

  14. Not indulge in negative campaigning or advertising or any action which would bring the political process into disrepute.

  15. Not use funds derived from any source, public or private, to improperly influence electoral choices. 

  16. Not knowingly associate with persons in their pursuit of illegal activities and or any kind of violence but rather actively cooperate with the security forces to bring such persons before the law.

  17. Not criticize aspects of the private lives of Candidates, their families, not connected with the public activities of the leaders or Candidates of other Parties.

  18. Not issue advertisements or other marketing material the cost of which is borne out of public funds.

  19. Not encourage or permit alcohol or other drugs to be used in public during campaign activities on Election Day.

  20. Not threaten or cause any persons to be threatened with loss of their jobs if they support or refuse to support a Political Party by attending or failing to attend political meetings.