A Council for Responsible Political Behaviour (‘Council’) shall be set up to monitor and evaluate adherence to this Code of Ethical Political Conduct by the Political Parties and their Candidates who are signatories hereto.


The Council shall be constituted upon signing of this Code.

The Founding Organizations who are signatories to this Code of Ethical Political Conduct, shall collectively appoint no fewer than six (6) nor more than nine (9) persons to serve on the Council.


The functions of the Council will be to:


  1. Conduct public education around the Code and issues that civil society would like politicians to address on the platform.

  2. Monitor the election campaign activities and conduct of Parties and their Candidates.

  3. Convene meetings with the Code Keepers on a regular basis during the election campaign to inform and discuss issues which would have arisen during the campaign.

  4. Network with bodies involved in monitoring elections in Trinidad and Tobago and with regional and international bodies which place governance as an important objective.

  5. Actively engage different networks which can bring moral suasion to bear on the conduct of Political Parties.

  6. Implement related activities consistent with the spirit of this Code as mandated by the broader body of civil society.

  7. Report to the broader body of civil society, and through it, to the public.



Political parties, which are signatories to the Code would be invited to nominate a representative to sit in a grouping identified as the Code Keepers.

  1. These Code Keepers will serve as the intermediary between the Council and the Political Parties.

  2. During the election campaign, the Council will convene regular meetings with the Code Keepers to inform them of the issues which were considered by the Council as well as to hear of any other concerns which political parties may have in relation to the activities of other political parties.


The public will be encouraged to report to the Council breaches of the Code as well as to indicate examples of exemplary political behaviour within an election campaign.

Consequences of unacceptable political behaviour should be left to the action of the general public.