On Monday June 8, 2015, The Council for Responsible Political Behaviour considered complaints relating to presentations by supporters of various political parties. Cognizant of the nature of these complaints, the Council would like to remind the Political Parties and the citizenry at large of the following clauses within the Code of Ethical Political Conduct-


Section 1.2 - Maintain the highest moral principles and ethical standards with respect to their conduct during the campaign, the elections and the post-election period.


Section 1.4 - Promote and enforce respect, tolerance, harmony and peace amongst their supporters and the general public during the campaign, the elections and in the post-election period by being positive role models.


Section 2.4 - Not use language or act in a way that may:

a) Provoke violence; or

b) Intimidate Candidates, members of Parties, representatives or supporters of Parties or Candidates, or voters; or

c) Invite, encourage or foster hatred, resentment or any form of violence.


Section 2.5 - Not seek to assassinate the character of or make defamatory comments about any individual, family, professional group or section of the community.


In restating these clauses, the Council thus calls upon the leadership of the respective Political parties, who are signatories to the Code, to uphold the commitment they made in Section 1.11 of the Code and that is to make the Code known to its supporters and to encourage party supporters to adhere, at all times and in all places, to the tenets of the Code.


Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Council


Dr. Bishnu Ragoonath