1. Chairpersons of all political campaign events appeal to supporters and the general public for peaceful behavior.

  2. Such steps as the Police may direct are carried out so as to minimize obstruction of roads and inconvenience to the general public whenever political activities are held at roadsides.

  3. All private and public property rights are respected.

  4. Measures are taken to clean the environs immediately following the holding of political events.

  5. Election campaign advertisements are removed within 30 days after the elections.

  6. The use of State owned resources to support any Political Parties, Coalitions or any Candidate is absolutely prohibited other than as stated in Section 3.7.

  7. All donations in cash or kind are accepted based on:

    • A “know your donor” principle;

    • Due diligence measures (similar to the requirement in financial institutions to identify and to report suspicious transactions) should be undertaken so as to protect against ‘dirty money’ contaminating the process;

    • It will cause its accounts, including donations, to be audited by a qualified accountant and presented to the Council for Responsible Political Behaviour established under Section 5 below within 120 days after the holding of each Election.

  8. Every person is free to go about his/ her lawful business without restriction, harassment or intimidation.

  9. From the time elections are announced; they, i.e. Parties, Coalitions and Candidates shall not permit members or ministers and other governmental authorities or enterprises to use State resources to publish promotional material which identifies any minister or Candidate or adopts the slogan of any Party. 

  10. Recognize and acknowledge the rights of accredited observers and monitors at polling stations for the purpose of observing the conduct of elections.

  11. International observers who subscribe to the Code of Conduct for International Election Observers are invited to conduct a review of all General Elections.